Taylor’s University, shame on us

Update 7 (February 8, 2013) : Taylor’s University published a Facebook update on the worker’s progress in Indonesia.

Update 6 (January 23, 2013) : Related to this case, I wrote in my column for the Malay Mail that Malaysia must stop exploiting foreign workers.

Update 5 (December 10, 2012) : Syopz Mall issued a statement claiming “presence of extensive Emergency Response Procedures at Syopz Mall”, blamed “individual apathy” and said the worker was sent home to Indonesia, all expenses paid.

Update 4 (December 10, 2012) : Taylor’s Education Group chief marketing officer, Lydia Wang, “could not provide an update on the condition of the Indonesian worker.”

Update 3 (December 10, 2012) : Writer U-En Ng challenges Taylor’s University regarding the ownership of Syopz Mall.

Update 2 (December 10, 2012) : I thank Taylor’s University for responding to my original post.

Dear Juana,

Thank you for the detailed information on the incident that took place on Saturday afternoon, 1 December 2012 at the Foodcourt located at Syopz Mall – the privately owned commercial entity adjacent to Taylor’s University.

Although it did not take place on the University’s grounds, we are indeed very sad to learn about this incident and we take this matter seriously. At Taylor’s University, the safety and welfare of our staff and students are of our utmost priority. As part of our Core Values, we believe in respecting and caring for each other regardless of nationality, religion and cultural differences. We certainly do not condone such acts of neglect. We are utterly dismayed by the lack of humanitarian action on the part of the community who were present during the unfortunate incident. We have officially raised our concern and disappointment to the Management of Syopz Mall on this issue, and they have assured us that they will address this matter seriously and with utmost importance.

Thank you once again for the feedback. We commend the participants of WUPID for taking speedy actions of helping the lady in distress and raising this to our attention.

On Behalf of Taylor’s University
Ms. Angela Pok
Director of Student Experience

The following is my response.

Dear Ms. Pok,

Thank you for your prompt response and clarification over the ownership (and liability) of Syopz Mall, the building in question. There is nevertheless a discrepancy in how the “commercial block” is represented on your website.

Source: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/college/about_taylors/campuses/taylors_university_lakeside_campus/november_2009

Source: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/college/about_taylors/campuses/taylors_university_lakeside_campus/november_2009


Firstly, the University refers explicitly to “2 floors of on-campus retail for your convenience, including food court” which clearly leads prospective parents or students to believe that such facilities, including the food court, are on your campus and not located within “the privately owned commercial entity adjacent to Taylor’s University”.

Source: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/university/about_taylors/facilities

Source: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/university/about_taylors/facilities


Secondly, the University states explicitly that its “dedicated campus” contains “service facilities” including the “commercial block”. Is this the same commercial block as the one that contains the food court?

Does Taylor’s University deny that it has residential facilities for students, a gym for students and staff, and that it houses the entire facilities of the American Degree Transfer Program within the same “commercial block”? If this commercial block is the responsibility of Syopz Mall, as you point out, then to what extent is Taylor’s University responsible for the welfare of its students, academic and non-academic staff housed therein? This is a question that every parent, student and staff should ask.

How then have the “core values” of Taylor’s University “in respecting and caring for each other regardless of nationality, religion and cultural differences” been served in this tragic instance?

Source: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/university/students/prospective_students/accommodation

Source: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/university/students/prospective_students/accommodation


Source: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/university/about_taylors/facilities

Source: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/university/about_taylors/facilities


Update 1 (December 10, 2012) : A technical error had occurred on this page. More than 300 concerned readers had shared this post on Facebook as at 11:00am this morning although this figure is not reflected on the Facebook share button below.

This piece was emailed to some senior members of Taylor’s University, including the Vice-Chancellor.

It was also shared with the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, and his Special Officer who replied on Twitter this morning.

Tweet by Saifuddin Abdullah

Tweet by Saifuddin Abdullah's Special Officer

Original post (December 10, 2012) :

I was at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus a week ago for the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID). The four day event was proudly hosted by Taylor’s University which opened its doors to debate teams from Malaysia and abroad. Sadly, the organisers and participants witnessed a most unfortunate incident during our lunch break on the very first day of the event (Saturday, 1 December 2012).

I was dining with other debate adjudicators at around 2:15pm when, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a woman sitting alone at a nearby table. She looked quite ill. I quickly walked over to check on her and found that she was very weak and salivating from one side of her mouth. I immediately thought she must have had a stroke. She was a worker at the campus food court, Recezz, and her uniform was drenched in sweat and saliva.

Her colleague soon came along and said the woman had collapsed in the wash room. She was carried out to the food court to rest. When the adjudicators and I asked how long she had been in that state, and if anyone had called for an ambulance, we were told the poor woman had been sitting there since about 10:00am. We were also told that her employer promised to take her to the hospital, at some point. My colleagues and I were outraged!

Apparently it was the third time the woman collapsed on the job, and this time the right side of her body was completely paralyzed. One of the adjudicators telephoned for an ambulance while a couple of us sought after the employer. He was on site and aware we were tending to his worker. Not once did he check on on her, rather he watched from afar while the rest of us tried to help her. When approached, he merely stirred his drink and nonchalantly told us he would take her to the hospital when he was not busy. He certainly was not busy at the time we confronted him and seemed quite disinterested in the commotion.

The other workers told us they had urged their employer to take the woman to hospital quickly, but he refused. With help from other sympathetic workers we tried to keep her as comfortable as possible while waiting for the ambulance. She was in fact in pain from the fall in the wash room.

Her colleague helped gather her things and prepared her documentation—she is an Indonesian citizen. What happened to her was really tragic, and I hate to think she was not given immediate help because she was a foreign worker.

The ambulance came about half an hour later. It was terribly embarrassing having to tell our Australian colleague it was common for an ambulance to take that much time to arrive. It was even more embarrassing that he, and other guests from abroad, found out that the woman had been sitting there in the food court for more than four hours without help from a single soul. Is this who we are as Malaysians?

Are we so oblivious to the suffering of those around us? Or are we just cruel? I direct these questions particularly to the students and staff who were at the food court during the four hours the woman was sitting there. What exactly is being taught at Taylor’s University?

The management of the University has a lot to account for. What happened to that woman is a clear sign of negligence by the University; one that boasts state-of-the-art facilities but with abysmal surveillance. The incident suggests that someone could very well drop dead on campus without anyone noticing. The seriousness of the case above could in fact have led to death. The woman could have died in the wash room or at the food court, in full view of everyone there.

This also raises questions about the University’s health and safety training for campus workers. There are signages indicating a Health Service Centre that operates from 8am to 6pm but not one worker on that day thought of getting help from the Centre, or the security services. Do they not know these services exist on campus? Why were the workers so disempowered to take action in an emergency situation? Were they not given basic training?

I note again that it was the organisers and volunteers of WUPID, an external organisation, who called and waited for the ambulance at the campus entrance; not any of the security personnel or the woman’s direct employer. Her employer did not even escort her to the hospital.

I urge Taylor’s University to look into this case. The woman is a victim of negligence and the University must be held accountable. Not only should the University be responsible for her medical care and expenses at the University Malaya Medical Centre where she was taken, it must see that her employer’s contract at the food court is terminated. He is certainly not fit to be an employer nor a member of the Taylor’s campus community.

Or is he?

Cited in Yahoo! News and Malaysian Digest

Juana Jaafar is a Taylor’s College alumna (American Degree Programme). She was a member of the WUPID adjudicating core.

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  1. Post

    Dear readers, especially those who inquired regarding the recovery of the said worker:

    I have not received any new information about her progress back home in Indonesia.

  2. A bit too late to comment, but as an ex-staff who work directly under the Management of Syopz commercial mall. I’d like to point out that even though the management team of Syopz is different from the University’s but they are under the same umbrella of Taylor’s Group. My pay slip was issued by Taylor’s, I got paid by Taylor’s and the registered company name for this management is TEG Facility Management S/B. They are also the same team who manages the facility of the University.

    So how can someone from the University issued an official statement intending to push away all the responsibility and concluded Syopz as a “privately owned commercial building”??? It’s under the same boss for god sake!!! The boss’s very first intention to build Syopz inside the campus was to take advantage of the ready market – students! It’s money after all!

    Shame on Taylor’s! I left the company soon enough right after Syopz started operation, people there made me sick…

  3. I totally agree with the title of this article. Shame on Taylor’s University and all of us, Malaysians too, for not lifting your hands to help during such a dire situation!

  4. I only knew of this incident today, I was a former staff of Taylor’s University. One of my duties was to check all the glass notice boards to update circulars. One day, just as I was trying to unlock the glass notice board/casing, the whole glass cabinet fell on me. It was at the cafeteria in Subang Jaya. There was a very loud crash sound as the shattered glass fell over my body. There were some teachers and students there and I remembered one teacher close by witnessing the whole incident as though it was invisible. At that split moment, I quickly pushed away the falling glass but some glass splinters had injured my toes and fingers. Thank God, I had a narrow escape. If I have not forcibly pushed away the heavy and broken falling glass they could have cut into my head. and body. When I narrated the incident to my superiors, and asked the management to install stronger glass cabinets as notice boards, there was no response. There was just apathy as though it was a small matter not worth mentioning.l was quite disheartened but kept my cool, as I still have to continue my work there to earn a living.

    Ex -employee

  5. Juana, at the end of the day, what you did was commendable and what any decent human being should do. You also put an institution on notice that they and others like them need to do better if this country is to go forward. No progress is possible if petty little egos are involved. And educational institutions, which include their staff and students and management need to all work to ensure ideals become realities. So thank you for your courage and compassion.

    As for the long-winded individual who appears to need your blog to air pointless and repetitive views, you’ll need to decide if (s)he’s a wounded soul or just ill-equipped to approach discussions with some measure of maturity and rationality. If it’s the latter case – which would then reflect poorly upon whichever institution he/she may be affiliated to – you have every right to put this person out of his/her misery and prevent his/her 15 minutes of fame on your blog. Let him/her find some place else to trot his/her anguish out. But silence is the best response to such uneducated behaviour.

  6. Since the previous one was the “last reply” to me, I don’t know if you will (or dare to, maybe?) to approve this post or not, but nevermind, I will give it a shot! Ignore if you want to, since I do not really believe that you will put trust in “freedom in speech”, or else your moderation function of this blog would be of useless, no? 😀

    1. Juana Jaafar, certainly I do understand what is “lunch break”.
    But perhaps you forgot that you mentioned how the foreigners saw that lady for “four hours”, without giving any help. And my question to you was, why were only Taylorians and Malaysians were to be blamed by you? It’s either the lunch break lasts longer than that and they saw the whole thing for…four hours (?!), or you made it up (which I don’t think this should be the one, stating this for you just in case you got what I wanna say wrong again). Who are the inhumane ones in this case, Ms Humane?

    2. “A stroke victim was left unattended for 4 hours and that remains the focus of this post”, I agree, but my reply on you was based on why do you blamed Taylorians and Malaysians only. My point was about that you created this whole post mainly or partially for your self-interest. Helping people is certainly a good deed, but I don’t think that helping people and creating something to destroy other party’s reputation is certainly a good thing too, especially when a lot of innocent ones were being mentioned together by you as well. May I repeat one more time if you still don’t understand what I was trying to say: If you were saying those that were at that spot at that moment were at fault, for instance, the guests from abroad, which you mentioned that they saw the whole thing lasted for 4 hours before you discovered the woman, and those who were responsible of the incident, like the management, sure, you are correct. But when you say about how the other Taylorians (students, lecturers) and even Malaysians are inhumane as well, that’s what I find it wrong.

    3. Oh I certainly do not have the “courage” as you, I don’t want to be famous at all. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

    As for Philip, if you are really capable of reading (at your own leisure, of course) what I was saying, I believe that you should understand how I brought all this in. Judging by your reply, I should know that you either just read any of my posts halfway, or just used the “ignore what my brain don’t want” method. It seems that your heart is too pure to just accept how people do good deeds without trying to understand the whole point behind it, or try to capture the whole picture about who, what and how will others be affected in this case, besides the woman of course. I am not saying that the woman is not important, but try to think about it when the author tries to generalize the whole things about Taylors (I mean the students, lecturers, and everyone in there, I despise the management in this case as much). Failing to follow arguments and reasoning sometimes do imply that the receiver is incompetent, but maybe not you, I guess, who knows?

    Malaysia having a bad reputation in the world for treatment of migrant worker as well as for human trafficking does not mean that they are the sole ones to be blamed in this case. If on that day there are only Malaysians, oh well, I might just agree with her to a certain point. But the fact is, the people that were there at that time certainly consists of more abroad guests than Malaysians. My question to her was, why did she blamed only the people that should not be as much at that time at that place.

    Too long-winded for you again? Philip? If you did not read and understand the whole thing this time, kindly do not reply anything as you could not get what I was trying to say. Thank you.

    😀 Smiley face to both of you. Hypocritic smile.

  7. Let’s just this incident serve as a lesson to Taylor’s management and everyone who calls themselves a HUMAN. I’m saying this because I just paid the registration fees to pursue my master degree at Taylor’s U for crying out loud! Reading this at first made me fully regret paying those fees but I believe, shit happened and it happened for a reason. A good reason i hope.

    I read some of you mentioned Taylor’s U is a “money-sucking vampire” but isn’t it because of the high-tech facility and all? Just look at the lakeside campus. It’s almost like a shopping mall already! Do you not get what you pay for? Is the management only about business and taking money from students? What about the quality of the education at Taylor’s?

    *still trying to calm myself and hopefully I’ve made the right choice registering at Taylor’s*

  8. Hypocrite A.It is difficult following your arguments and line of reasoning, possibly due to your long-windedness But the basic rule of such discussions is to address the issue, not attack the person. Perhaps if you did that you would not give such a poor picture of the kinds of education being provided by this institution.

    Also, if you are not already aware, Malaysia has one of the worst reputations in the world for treatment of migrant worker as well as for human trafficking. This incident in Taylors only serves to “cement” that reputation. Rather than worry about who’s tarnishing whose image, let’s address the root cause for the human suffering that took place on 1 Dec 2012. The fact is many employers see migrant workers as less than human. Educational institutions need to lead the way in changing such a reality.

  9. Post

    Hypocrite A,

    1) Which part of “lunch break” don’t you understand? WUPID participants were in debate sessions until they broke for lunch.

    2) A stroke victim was left unattended for 4 hours and that remains the focus of this post.

    3) You may start your own blog where you can ramble, hypothesize and speculate about whatever you want at great length, and do so courageously behind a pseudonym.

    Don’t forget to screen shot this too, as this is my last reply to you. Good day.

  10. Just as I thought, Juana Jaafar, trying to stop me from further replies.
    Why are you avoiding to approve my replies? Is it because that what I say had exposed you true self?
    Hard to imagine that a person that dares to fight for the rights of a foreign worker is afraid of freedom of speech.
    I really despise you from the bottom of my heart. When I thought that you might be one of the last ones that will really fight for righteous, which proves myself wrong, you showed more and more signs of being a coward hypocrite by not approving my replies. If you could at least explain my doubts and show that I am wrong, I would be even happier that there’s still hope among us. But what you are trying to do is just for your own fame.
    Probably this reply would not be approved anyway, but kindly accept my despise towards you.

    P/s: In case you approved this reply, and if anyone read this, please bear in mind that there is at least 1 more reply which states all my doubts towards Ms. Juana Jaafar, which hides a conspiracy that is fooling everyone. Maybe some people might think “even if she’s a hypocrite, she really at least tried to save someone, unlike you, saying that how she is being a hypocrite but did nothing.” If you really thought so, may I indulge another question:”do I have to actively search for people in such situation to help them to prove that I am humane? Given that if I was in her position that day, are you sure that I won’t help her? I will also say that I will confront the Taylor’s management, but not in a way that saying how students and lecturers of Taylors are also inhumane or such, and in her case, she even generalized about Malaysians. What’s more, do you sincerely think that everyone in Taylor’s hope that this will happen? How is the impact you created towards the reputation of the innocent ones in Taylors? I do believe that the innocent ones are far more than the ‘guilty ones’ that you tried to imply. Kindly do not think that you are the only ‘humane’ person in the whole campus.”

    You can disapprove or ignore this reply, Juana, but if you are gonna approve it, kindly approve my previous replies too, or people might think what is happening here. Thank you. Oh yes, I did took a screenshot, just in case. (if you know what I mean :-D)

    Sincerest despises,
    Hypocrite A

  11. As an alumnus, the last part u ever expect is the bad publicity of the university where u had studied. The institution needs to do some soul searching after this incident and does not take this for granted anymore.

  12. Sorry for the re-post, but apparently I made a slight mistake when I was trying to insert the question I would like to ask. Here is the original post:

    Dear Juana Jaafar,

    As to respond to both of your replies:
    1. I was replying that to “Anonymous on December 11, 2012 at 11:14 pm”, and of course when I was writing that, it was plainly just to point out that the “Anonymous on December 11, 2012 at 11:14 pm” is that kind of parent I mentioned. Bringing in the possibility that “the author herself trying to trick other readers that skipped my reply that I was some sort of “Senior Management”” is just to let smart readers eliminate this possibility, which leads to the point that I think that he is that kind of parent actually. Apparently, you failed to get my point.

    2. I already published my actual points in my first reply, if you did read carefully. While trying to attack the part where I tried to say out my opinion about you being a hypocrite, makes me feel that even more. Now now, if you really read my reply thoroughly, you will understand why I said that. Or maybe, I will quote some of my questions here, again (ahh, human beings, ignoring offensive points towards themselves):

    “It was even more embarrassing that he, and other guests from abroad, found out that the woman had been sitting there in the food court for more than four hours without help from a single soul. Is this who we are as Malaysians?” The guests find her sitting in the food court for more than four hours, but no one helps her, then tell me, what were the guests doing? And why in the end, it’s the Malaysians that were blamed? As I mentioned before, why do you question Taylorians, and now Malaysians, but not the other guests from abroad?

    Of course, you can choose not to answer this, as if my expectations are not wrong, you are what I said, thus, I won’t be surprised if you did not.
    Let me make it clear one more time, I have no problem of you saying that the Taylor’s management is at fault, I even fully support the point that their reply to you really shows how irresponsible they are. But, I do not agree with you even a bit when you are trying to put the blame at Taylorians, the lecturers of Taylors, and how you imply it even to Malaysians. If you were saying that those “guests” from abroad does not show humanity or something as well, ahh, the situation is different. They were there for four hours, does not show signs of giving any help at all, while the others, like Taylor students and lecturers, whom I believe not as much as usual in that place, were blamed by you. And that’s where I find your thinking have a tendency as a potential hypocrite.

    Making people of around the same status look bad while letting yourself look good is certainly something enjoyable to some people, and a lot of people will fall for that trick. No one will admit that though.

    Looking forward for your reply.

  13. …Forgetful people continue with their lives, and Taylor’s Education Group continues being the wolf in sheep clothing, a money making business disguised as a facade of an education institution.

  14. Popcorn: You mean the writer should have kept this story to herself because the reputation of a company is more important than the health and safety of humans?

    There’s a lot to be said about taking responsibility: sure, for online comments. And also for the mismanagement that has lead to such disempowered employees within Syopz and huge PR disaster for Taylors.

  15. This has bee posted everywhere on the Internet due to Taylors own mistake, irresponsibility and its Management failure. Its time to look back and apologise. Don’t just treat everyone for money, its not worth it.

  16. Hypocrite A has made a very fair point. It’s just disappointing to look at the number of people who are sharing this post on FB, insulting and degrading Taylor’s. Even more disappointing to know that people dont even bother considering the various factors involved in this matter. I hope you’re happy with the damage you’ve done to Taylor’s Juana. I wish you all the best.

  17. Post

    G. Adams: I’ve published Syopz’s statement in Update 5. According to the statement she has been discharged from hospital and sent back to Indonesia. The statement also claims there was “extensive Emergency Response Procedures at Syopz Mall” and blamed “individual apathy” for the tragedy:


  18. This is firstly an outstanding story kindness – I am proud that we still have people who will go that extra mile for a total stranger! Then its a story of abject apathy and a story of a body corporate trying to absolve itself of legal responsibility and to manage the adverse publicity arising from this incident. The supreme irony is that to get students & parents to part with their money Taylors has no qualms in claiming “ownership” of the retail facilities and Taylors carefully crafted PRish response fools none. It is unfortunate that we have to depend on organisations such as this to help inculcate good values among our young people!!

  19. foreigners are not very welcome in malaysia.. i felt so when i first came to taylors where nobody will ever help even if deep troubles.. i regret my life for choosing this university so does my friends from abroad.

  20. Post

    Hypocrite A,

    1) If I’m willing to disclose my real name to a mammoth private university, you can be sure that I won’t hide behind anonymity in responding to “Hypocrite A”. I’m not in the business of writing anonymous comments here or anywhere else.

    2) I recommend you keep your hypothetical thinking in your head and publish only the actual points you wish to make. That is if you wish to be understood at all.

  21. I mean, literally, the way you responded to me is really ridiculous, it’s either you are the author herself trying to trick other readers that skipped my reply that I was some sort of “Senior Management” you were saying, or you are just a hypocrite parent that could not read and understand my reply properly. Either way, it just made my day, thanks for that, “Anonymous on December 11, 2012 at 11:14 pm”.

  22. For the anonymous above, I think that you did not read carefully about what I wrote.
    Apparently, I was criticizing that the management was at fault, and how the author blamed Taylorians and Malaysians together as well.

    You are just making a fool out of yourself by either not comprehending what I wrote or did not read thoroughly.

  23. Hypocrite A, well said and written by Senior Management it seems… You are generalising Taylors Fault to like all of our fault… We all are here to fix the issues Taylors here, starting from their money minded approach to third class teaching standards and poor PR and Communication. Let’s improve and don’t defend using other examples when Taylors itself can’t defend and they went so wrong defending this. I was abt to send my Nephew to Taylors for SAM, seems Sunway or else is better choice as I don’t want to be enriching the pockets of Non Human and Defensive people!

  24. Hmm, well, how should I start this?
    Although I agree that the Taylor’s management is at fault, I do disagree with the line “What exactly is being taught at Taylor’s University?”, strongly.

    First of all, it’s a Saturday, when there are lesser students in campus, especially when it’s now December, which I believe that except those that are still in their finals, there won’t be as much students as usual.

    Secondly, not to say that those people in Taylor’s should be “allowed to collapse (or die) at the Health Service Centre if they want to be taken seriously”, or that Recezz is not part of Taylor’s property or whatsoever, the cafeteria of Taylor’s is apparently not as popular compared to the other restaurants in Syopz. By combining with the first point, I believe on that day, the amount of students there were very very little. Ok, maybe the argument here will be that it was a debating event day, thus, it will be normal if there are more Taylor’s students than what I believed. However, if I am correct, it’s an event that involves participants from abroad, thus, it might be more appropriate if it was pointed towards the people loitered around the cafeteria at that time instead of just Taylorians. Questioning about humanity is certainly something I agree about in this case, but not “the humanity of Taylorians” or “what exactly is being taught at Taylor’s University”, although I do have to admit that the only subject that will touch about humanity in tertiary education would probably only be “Moral Studies”, where most students will just memorize it for the sake of exams. However, I do believe that any individual that were brought up in a normal and healthy environment will possess good traits and humanity, even without those that were taught in any education. Humanity is something to be learned through experience and not theory.

    Perhaps, you will bring out the fact that the woman had experienced such situations few times before, thus, it’s impossible for Taylorians not to notice. Sad to say, it might be possible, as mentioned before, cafeteria is certainly not as popular as imagined. Besides, sometimes people aren’t as sharp towards the environment, especially when they are in a gang of friends, doesn’t it? And I don’t know if you agree with this, but for me, the environment in the cafeteria is quite dark. Sometimes it’s tough to notice everything of the person even 2 tables away.

    Combining all the aforementioned points, I do believe that the people that could notice her before this are very little, and if you are saying that there are heartless, I do certainly agree, but not by generalizing that towards Taylorians, as the sample space in this case is too little to generalize the population.

    The employer you were talking about is certainly the one to be blamed, and of course, the management. But when you tried to imply that the other Taylorians too, sorry, I can’t help to think that you are saying that to show how humane you are, trying to be the good person here by making others look bad. Hypocrite, we call. But of course, this might not be the fact, perhaps you just ran out of words to express how disappointed you are towards the situation, or maybe deep down your heart you sincerely feel that the education system or the Taylorians should take the blame too, despite that you are serving in Taylor’s College alumna.

    Besides, there is a point of yours where I find quite ridiculous too. “It was even more embarrassing that he, and other guests from abroad, found out that the woman had been sitting there in the food court for more than four hours without help from a single soul. Is this who we are as Malaysians?” The guests find her sitting in the food court for more than four hours, but no one helps her, then tell me, what were the guests doing? And why in the end, it’s the Malaysians that were blamed? As I mentioned before, why do you question Taylorians, and now Malaysians, but not the other guests from abroad? “They are guests, they are from abroad, so they should not be blamed!”, is it? If so, you are just a boot-licker for foreigners. The argument here could be that they are just guests, they have no responsibility for it. Hmm, then I will ask, if you are now visiting a restaurant, and you saw someone is suffering from koma, will you try to do something, like calling the ambulance or notifying the management of the restaurant, at least? Humanity, the way you questioned and who you directed it too, really is ridiculous. It just can’t stop me from thinking that your intentions about creating this page is not just only to expose the truth, but to show how humane and righteous you are to the world, tricking people into believing that you are selfless and stuffs. “Oh mama, look, it’s the only selfless Malaysian in the country!” Maybe that’s not you want, but I am just stating what I think about you anyway, as I met countless people like you, trying to say and do things to make themselves look like a holy person, which I call them hypocrites. Oh wait, look, I am generalizing, like what you were doing, but I am generalizing a minority by majority, maybe that’s the way we differ in generalizations huh?

    I think I gave too much hateful opinions here, however, I will still apologize like a hypocrite and say the standard lines for every offensive statements found on the internet: sorry if I had offended you, unintentionally.
    Feel free to revoke this little essay which I wrote even longer than my assignments, I had prepared to receive hateful replies the moment I started to type this.

  25. Sad to read wat happened at the campus.she had a stroke.being a medical doctor.would suggest to have a clinic run by a qualified doctor in the campus.I would be happy to organise n run the clinic

  26. @Ang Wei Zhong, thank you. I like your comment and I admire your commitment to principle.

    I’ve been wondering about the sequence of events, as established by the Syopz statement linked in Juana’s post. That is, from Dec 1, when the woman was admitted to hospital, and her repatriation on Dec 7 upon discharge after one week in hospital.

    I’m curious if anyone else has wondered if this timeline suggests that she has had time to make the necessary claims under the compulsory Foreign Workers Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance scheme (the RM120 premium of which she would have been obliged to pay for benefits of (I believe) RM10,000).

    This is besides any other form of compensation she might still be entitled to.

  27. Addressing the anonymous gentleman/lady above
    I am neither faculty nor staff, I am a student
    is it wrong to defend my friends and my lecturers as I am a far better judge of their characters than anonymous strangers? Did my statements seem blind and coerced?
    Does it disgust you that I make the distinction between the failure of society and the failure of management? (I shall of course reserve final judgement until all the facts have been made known to me)
    It is precisely this kind of cowardly aggression aimed at both my school and my friends that I am here to voice out against. Your statement, “Felt like a factory, just churning out students with degrees not worth the paper it’s printed on.” sounds so blatantly provocative that it seems as though you were grievously wronged by my school at one point in time. What prompted you to make such a comment so full of hatred and spite?
    I put my name forward because I stand by my statements. I should hope you shall do the same, otherwise your baseless attack will remain ungrounded and cowardly. You are grown in age as you say, but for me at least, maturity is a far better measure of growth.

  28. Very obvious that people who are blindly defending this “education facility” are employees of Taylors. Am quite disgusted that instead of admitting some culpability in the incident, their response shows that they’re just covering their backsides. I went to Taylor’s for a short while, and I hated all 2 weeks of it. Felt like a factory, just churning out students with degrees not worth the paper it’s printed on. We were crammed into classrooms like sardines, being taught by lecturers who just didn’t care, and (now that I’m grown) obviously did not know what they were teaching. I got out of there ASAP and now I’m even more glad I did.

  29. Ang : Seems extremely poor management and leadership of Taylors University on how this is being handled. I am afraid that staff/students like you are exemplary, but Leadership and Management should also their part and not just count money.

  30. This is truly a sad case
    but I fear you have fallen into the trap of generalising
    you are blaming the failure of a large part of society on an institution and its curriculum
    I am sure there are students and staff in taylors who possess a heart, and are sympathetic towards the needs of their fellow human beings
    At the very least, I can assure you I do
    I am saddened to see so much animosity being thrown about against my school and the people in it, especially by so many who hide behind the safety of anonymity
    your anger and frustration, though misdirected, is understandable
    i commend your actions that day as i shudder to think about the consequences to that lady had she to depend solely on her heartless employer
    but personally, my disappointment is at those who were present at the scene who failed to help that poor soul
    your description of the shop owner makes me think him unfit for his title as human
    my experiences have taught me that you cannot through the enforcement of regulation and classroom teachings, force people to have a heart
    So having this incident happen where it did and how it did is a poor judge of our university’s management

  31. dont blame taylors.. everything have a root cause. and the root cause is our pathetic, racist, corrupted government. change the government and you will see people start to change. lead by example. and the current government is leading its examples.

  32. This is very sad and damaging for Taylors. Your management response is completely unacceptable and defensive. You are at FAULT, accept it!

  33. Blaming Taylor University on such affair is very biased and misleading to others. How can you blame Taylor’s University. It’s like stating that Starbucks, Subway and all the other shops belong to Taylor University because they’re there. Instead blame the mindset and inhumane behavior that modern people have adapt into their lifestyles these days. Pushing blame on others are just biased. Sometimes we all just have to blame ourselves for being selfish and unkind.

  34. I feel shame as I see this… really shame.. how am I going to explain when ppl asked me which uni I came from?

  35. Really disappointed from the response given by the management, They have spend all their time in focusing on the fact that Syopz is not part of Taylor’s, instead of admitting their mistake and standing up to resolve the issue.

    As an alumni I no longer wish to admit I’m a Taylor’s graduate and more importantly someone who has studied PR in this institute.

    Calling us as the “Top University”, the management should have been courageous enough to admit their mistake and apologize properly.

    Well done Juana, hope your efforts make some people learn Public Relations in the right context.

  36. I hope the lady is alright. :/ One question, who helped paid her medical bills?
    Also, it’s okay, sedekah j’ariah lah.

  37. Jon’s remark is extremely inhumane. What if some unknown visitor collapsed at the parking lot, whose responsibility is that? It is nobody’s responsibility and the person should die according to Jon’s mentality. Jon, it is not the question about whose responsibility it is but rather how humane are we to care for anyone around us. Humanity is about caring for someone not just under our responsibility, as we all living in the same earth.

  38. “And I have a feeling. That through a hole in reasons ceiling. We can fly to knowledge. Without ever going to college.” – P Kavanagh

    Respect for your brothers and sisters, for your home, earth and empathy are best learned through life’s experiences whether purchased or simply made.

    Sharing this experience, however loaded your terms may be, is a necessary component of todays ethereal social environment. Taking action is never easy if you don’t know what action to take, but that does not mean ignorance is an excuse for inaction. Malcolm Gladwell discusses issues of this nature in his books analyzing various case studies.

    Thank you Juana for taking the time and effort to follow up on your experience and share your own personal plight as well as that of the women referred to in this situation.

  39. While this certainly was a shitty incident and my sympathies def go to the chick, what grinds my gears is how race and different cultures is still an issue to begin with.

    For one, you pointed out the possibility of the guy not giving a shit because of her being Indonesian. In this day and age, I honestly don’t see how that even relates to anything, considering she’s as much a human being as anyone else.

    Secondly, your usage of the sentence “Is this who we are as Malaysians?”
    Please don’t be too quick to put the blame on the entire country, as this is really just an internal case within the university and its staff. Y’all wanna start a party and get excited with being mad at the staff for be nonchalant towards taking care of her? Fine, that was dumb of them, but I can’t help but feel this sense of national pride, loyalty, etc. in this post as if the presence of race and culture is even something to take into consideration when minding the well-being of a good and pure person.

    Regardless, I’m glad someone stepped in and actually did something about it. The blame-game can go on forever and white-knighting can only go so far, but when it comes to someone’s well-being then I’d feel it’s just about anyone’s moral obligation to just drop what they’re doing and see if there’s anything they can do about it. I’m honestly more interested in making sure she’s okay and preventing this from happening again as opposed to getting mad at everything ever.

    Rock on.

  40. Juana, I have been told that management is planning a law suit against you, an Alumni, on defamation and consulting legals. Don’t be afraid girl, we are all with u!

  41. I find the worker being sent home to Indonesia to be a very questionable act and could very well be an act of getting the problem out of sight, and out of mind. Hope to hear official reports on her medical conditions, I pray she is in good health and is well, but we all know the last thing the blamed parties want is to have the death(god forbid) of a person reflected upon their negligence. Again, I just hope she wasn’t sent away back to Indonesia as an act of getting the problem out of sight, out of mind.

  42. Seriously Taylors? You taught me Hospitality, yet you seem to make a mockery right up my face when this story came to my attention. I learnt to not care much who is from where and what their background is. I bleed red, they bleed red. Come on, you as a management should set a bloody trend to not just look at money and not practice this. Seriously? What have we all come to? Self centred, every man for himself? Then why bother giving an education? Live up and do something that defines us as human. Not this. I wont even be proud of my cert if you guys end up like this.

  43. Totally cannot believe this shit. Now a lady named Mary Naidu has just released a statement with a hotmail email. What happened to her Taylor’s email?

  44. i feel so shame when i read this article… where have all the so called human values have gone … have our younger generation become so selfish and self centered… all i can do is shake my head when i was reading your posting

  45. Aku benci Taylors. Anda membunuh negara saya. Biarkan aku kembali dari Jakata. Aku akan meninggalkan ini selamanya Universitas dan Malaysia. Jangan memperlakukan kami seperti murah.

  46. Zizu: So what have YOU done for this lady? Instead of asking everyone else here, maybe you could / should’ve done something. And if you did, good on you. I’ve learnt people are entitled to their opinions (right or wrong), and they do that a lot online. By you calling it stupid, you’re not very smart yourself.

    Elle: Instead of asking if there are any lawyers here, why don’t you go looking for one / ask a lawyer friend of yours? Your comments about everyone’s ’empty’ messages resonates in yours too.

    Sim: Saturday? Not many people? Then why is the boss / manager so busy? Serving no one?

    Some of us can and do know what to do (and probably are doing it). Some would know to care / show concern for this lady. Some do know first aid. Some have their own cars (to take the lady to the nearest clinic / hospital). There’s no need to state it here and make it obvious. Not everyone is as emo / wants to glorify themselves by publicly stating it online that they can and will do stuff.

    It happened in Taylor’s. Like it or not, Taylor’s is going to get some flak.

  47. LIE LIE LIE LIE! Syopz is not part of Taylors Group?

    Stop using it from tomorrow and take out all your students from the accommodation in that block and also Hotel that your charge parents huge amount of money. Taylors and Limkokwing, not very different – both are after money and have RICH and SPOILT Students, which does not help to make Malaysia a better place…

  48. This is, to be frank, a shocking reality in many parts of the world today. In our relentless chase for material wealth and academic excellence, we have forgotten who we are and our very duty as a human being. Compassion, or simply being human, is largely absent from today’s society. Everyone’s been blinded by the temptation of luxury and wealth, that lending a helping hand to someone unrelated to us is seen as superfluous. We have developed this “none of my business” mindset and until the day we are being treated back as such, we would not realize the brutal, cold-heartedness our society has become.

  49. All these talk and no action. How about, is there a lawyer here who will stand up for this poor Indonesian and assist her get some form of compensation? Will there be any witness willing to take the time to appear in court in later date? Is there some vigilante humans to get petition against inhuman employers and get the labour unions to get into this matter? Is there anyone doing this? Is there? Why not? Sigh, let’s not be in denial. It all boils down to money. No one called the ambulance nor assist to help her admit to hospital, because no one want to be responsible for the costs. Who is going to pay the ambulance? The hospital treatment? The medication? The hospitalization? That’s why those people there just stood around and not lift a finger. What to do? Who to blame?

  50. One question, on the day itself which is a Saturday, is there a lot of people ? Usually there won’t be many people on a Saturday there.

    i think its not fair to point fingers at only Taylorians. If anyone is to faint anywhere at the shopping mall or any corner of the streets, there are for sure people who is going to ignore them and the victim got to wait for really kind person to help him/her. Besides, blaming what Taylor’s teach their students sounds really wrong. Do other universities offer a better education which teach students to be a good person? Or is it just merely there for show?

    The thing is, this kinda attitude is everywhere. I seriously do not think people can be shaped into being a good samaritan through education in higher education institutions or even primary schools when children are the easiest to influence. Instead, i think a person’s inner values or whatever you called it is shaped by what their parents taught them, not your school teachers or lecturers. Even in high school level, we are only taught to memorize moral values, not practice them. So is it wholly the fault of Taylorians? I seriously do not think so.

    BUT. I do feel really angry at how Taylor’s responded to this incident, trying to deny all sorts of responsibilities. I cannot feel any sincerity nor compassion from what they said.

    This incident should be put on news, not criticizing Taylor’s or their students, but to remind everyone the needs to be more humane. And here I was thinking about one similar case in China when 15 people ignored a kid who got run over by vehicles, and people were pointing fingers at how China is so uncivilized.

  51. taylors is teaching students how to step on top of each other n reach the top. dun worry about others, if they are weak, they ought to suffer and die. if they die, good for u, if they suffer not your problem. Until, this happens to you, then you have all the money, parents and friends to look after you. They will take you to the most expensive hospitals. But this poor people who come all the way from other country to support their family in a dignified way should be let to die. you are teaching the right thing. congrats!!

  52. Hey Taylors, Syopz a privately owned entity commercial centre adjacent to Taylors Uni? Are you saying that Syopz is not part of Taylors Uni?

    Syopz is managed by The Taylor’s Education Group, TEG Assets Management Sdn. Bhd. That privately owned entity is indeed privately owned and the owners are Taylor’s Education Group.

    It may not be all TEG fault but TEG should not push the ball, blame, and responsibility away. TEG should admit responsibility and take action to improve and do what is necessary. Take action on the tenant who rented your shop if need be and move them out to show that you are truly concerned.

    I for one will be taking my business away. If TEG cannot be honest and open, I will not want to be associated with you.

  53. Hey @Clayton Stanley Chew, I’m a staff in Taylor’s University and your opinions on staff is extremely biased! Let me share with you that on a personal basis, me and my colleagues never fail to greet and thank our cleaners in office and often asked about their names so that we can greet them in name. Also, we’ve given essential items like rice, milk powder etc to them before. Shame on you for stooping so low in your comment.

  54. Syopz Mall is a privately owned entity. The owner? Taylor’s University Sdn Bhd. Nice one, Angela.

  55. good grief!!!!!!!!!!! instead of bitching about who is responsible, look at the basic fact, ” a person had a severe medical condition and nobody could be bothered attending to her ” this is common in malaysia, as well as other countries, because people dont want to get involved. its that bloody simple people!! the human race, overall , doesn’t give a toss about anyone but themselves. well done and a pat on the back to those caring few who did something to help this victim. to the rest of you, just hope to hell that you NEVER find yourself in a similar situation.

  56. I am not surprised at all. Malaysians are the most cruel, ruthless, heartless, wicked people with no human feelings. GOD placed rocks in their hearts. why would they offer her help when she is not a Malaysian.

  57. On a general level..Malaysians are becoming self centred have no compassion towards the sick or anyone dying infront of them..what if it was yr own mother ..wake up people..look around and help..takes a second to call for ambulance ..!!

  58. I believe is the majority of the students and the staff that are lack of humane, I experience this as I’m a student myself in that campus. I’ve been to other universities in Kuala Lumpur, students here in Taylor’s tend to be more self-centered compared to other universities. Come on, the school has to take a look at what is going on to the society and humanity within the campus, not just employing some top notch world class equipment which only be bricks if the society and humane issues within campus is not looked after. I wouldn’t say shame on Malaysians, is just shame on the staffs, the students and the workers in Taylor’s University Campus itself.

  59. “Best” university doesn’t mean they produce people who are doers and aware about their surrounding. Taylor’s should invest in better co-curricular engagement to build Character, not just students who are championed just because they are academically profound.

  60. like what pdrm facebook posted recently, this is a clear example of “diffusion of responsibility”. no need to blame mother, father, sister, brother, community, govt.

  61. I have been brought up with basic family values or possibly not;
    I have been brought up with basic education or possibly not;
    I am human or then again, possibly not!
    What have I become in search of a so called “better life” in a “civilised society”?

  62. I am shocked to see that why a blog is created for such a simple although shameful matter…

    I am more disappointed by the response from Taylor’s. Dont tell me that you guys are so scared that you have to respond in this pathetic manner and be so defensive. You guys are suppose to be academics! Taylors over the year has become money minded, but never expected they will also become so irresponsible. Dont treat anyone or at least Indonesians like this, alot of us Indonesians are your students and we pay you, not for you to just abuse us and our country fellows. Its people like you who give whole country a bad name.

  63. If these stupid comments could only cure the lady 🙂
    PLEASE stop blaming Taylor’s University. I agree that TU did not care or did not do anything. They are wrong.
    But, what have you, as an individual, done so far to help the lady?

  64. well, this sucks… shame on you malaysians, I’m a malaysian myself and i’m ashamed of my country

  65. I think in the end, it is the tendency for Malaysians to be nonchalant about foreign workers, and thinking that they are less than us. We have had so many cases of abuse of foreign workers and i do not dare to think about the fate of foreign construction workers where the work is so much more dangerous. We just have to also look at how we use foreign helpers at home, disrespecting their rights to a good rest and freedom to socialize. Malaysians are still very much backwards.

  66. OMG, I am so disappointed with Taylors University. Now you are calling Syopz Mall as separate from taylors? Why are u advertising as part of Taylors? Are u Foolig Students and their Parents and charging them 6000 RM for a Lake and Someone else Shopping Centre??

  67. Let the blame game begin. in my short yet meaningful life experience, I have found out that Malaysia is a country where people love to take credit for doing nothing and love to push the blame to others when anything goes wrong. Personally, I have a motto to help others in need if I am able to spare the time. For example, on the way to my car, I often see students with punctured tires and looked clueless about it. As a car enthusiast, I have experienced and would help them, getting a “Thank You” would brighten up my day even when I am drenched in sweat after helping. A very true article but honestly, I would blame how the younger generation were brought up. Personally, I have terrific parents who brought me up to who I am today and am grateful for them. As my younger brother, although young in age but mature in mind once said, “we must help the people of Malaysia by changing the education system, teach them what is necessary and proper instead of throwing them twisted truths.” We must change the Malaysian attitude itself of avoiding other people’s problems, arriving late to appointments and even bribery

    An ADP Student at Taylor’s Lakeside

  68. End of Education is Character. That’s the supposed real deal, not money, power, or ego. Education is to educate and provide better to human kind, where’s our duty, and responsibility to each other? This is indeed shameful, but out of every wrong doing goodness will be born, hence this story highlights both the good and the bad. Kudos to the brave hearts 🙂 sorry for the lame hearts 🙂
    Can we also hear what are the results of the investigation? or is it vanishing into thin air, and becomes just another story? How sad that will be then… JSR!

  69. Unbelievable event… Ridiculous comments from JON!! I wouldn’t even think about Taylor’s for my kids future education, not just for the way the incident was handled but more of the moron’s excuses! Furthermore Ms. Poks comments seems to be defending the action rather than condemning it!!

  70. Well, if that who sitting there alone salivating is someone who had filthy rich of money, every cold blooded human will once again warm hearted and even snatching the opportunity to volunteer itself to piggy back that victim to hospital… Sadly, the foreign worker and the poor life’s had a different fate even in the same scenario… That’s life and our community usual practices.. By the day when we all human know how to value an animal life’s, that day, everyone will receive the same treatment and care without discrimination… Wish for that beautiful day to come..

  71. Hey Jon if i someone at the edge of dying between the border of Selangor & Perak which hospital will take him in according to the their jurisdiction……. moron

  72. wow..i am truly horrified by this ugly truth. thank Q for voicing up about this. I do feel ashamed of us. The most universal moral principle we all know: ‘lend a friendly hand to those in need’. Yet we have lost touch of our ‘humane’ side. I wonder why? I have seen this ‘ignorant’/oblivious attitude in people around me, especially the youngsters. Is it our education? Parenting? really. a mystery…

  73. wow..i am truly horrified by this ugly truth. thank Q for voicing up about this. I do feel ashamed of us. The most universal moral principle we all know: ‘lend a friendly hand to those in need’. Yet we have lost touch of our ‘humane’ side. I wonder why? I have seen this ‘ignorant’/oblivious attitude in people around me, especially the youngsters. Is it our education? Parenting? really. a mystery…

  74. Dear Juana,

    Thank you for the detailed information on the incident that took place on Saturday afternoon, 1 December 2012 at the Foodcourt located at Syopz Mall – the privately owned commercial entity adjacent to Taylor’s University.

    Although it did not take place on the University’s grounds, we are indeed very sad to learn about this incident and we take this matter seriously. At Taylor’s University, the safety and welfare of our staff and students are of our utmost priority. As part of our Core Values, we believe in respecting and caring for each other regardless of nationality, religion and cultural differences. We certainly do not condone such acts of neglect. We are utterly dismayed by the lack of humanitarian action on the part of the community who were present during the unfortunate incident. We have officially raised our concern and disappointment to the Management of Syopz Mall on this issue, and they have assured us that they will address this matter seriously and with utmost importance.

    Thank you once again for the feedback. We commend the participants of WUPID for taking speedy actions of helping the lady in distress and raising this to our attention.

    On Behalf of Taylor’s University
    Ms. Angela Pok
    Director of Student Experience

  75. darkness: when someone is dying, you can’t possibly be taking pictures of them before helping them, just so you know. = =

  76. Being a student of the university myself, I see that many of my peers are unperturbed, indifferent individuals but I for a fact, know compassionate, nice people who would not hesitate with offering their help especially to those who need it. I am infuriated that her employer had been such a douche and that people who passed her by were so oblivious or unhelpful. But had this happened anywhere else outside the university, possibly even outside Malaysia, the same might have happened. It’s more of a generation than a country/institution thing.

    Not justifying anything; just making a point.

  77. @darkness: I’m amazed at your audacity to think and expect the people who are already occupied rescuing that poor worker to even stop and take a picture? What is wrong with society nowadays!?

  78. Jon must be working in Taylors. This happens when the uni management is motivated by $$ instead if moral values

  79. I do feel very sad for this woman and that it actually happened in Taylor’s. I feel ashamed too because this is where I studied for the past three years.

    Yes that it’s Taylor’s liability but shouldn’t blame it on “What exactly is being taught at Taylor’s University?”. We are all part of the alumni and do know that it’s not the education side. As if our lecturers are part of this who be should blame. This kind of remark does make people feel offended. The educators are not standing in the same line with them in this incident. I’m trying not to defend Taylor’s AT ALL but I do feel that way. That is why someone mentioned “Don’t tarnish the name of this education facility” when we did actually received quality education from Taylor’s.

    Yes that commercial block is under the name of Taylor’s University too but different management. I don’t think some people are trying to say it has nothing to do with the university, it’s just that they felt the same and didn’t state clearly of what they really meant.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  80. Sad to say that…. Taylor’s were not like that back then when we were just having our small campus at LCS. Even we the student felt its so much of advertising but beneath of the syllabus is not what we used to enjoyed they learning there. We paid school fees, and when there is project we were asked to raise fund without any support from the management. The Cost of the project is about 60,000 they only gave 1000. Somehow is more of commercial rather than education.

  81. Jon: Seriously? Are you saying that in 4 hours, no one (not even students) may have walked past her and noticed anything? 4 HOURS?!!! Maybe you need to experience a fall / heart attack and wait 4 hours whilst people just walk by you. While the courses at Taylor’s may not teach you basic first aid (in which it should be, in all institutions and organizations), it’s just human to care and be concerned.
    Juana: Fabulous response.
    Darkness: If this story is fabricated, it surely is some serious slander

  82. Jon; another ignorant individual whom i suppose shares he same mentality of the Taylors patrons there..

    I myself a member of the Taylors family is totally ashamed with whats happening over the years. Visited the Lakeside campus a dozen times, and realised all is about the race for money and profit, the mentality, manners and quality of ethics has deterioted badly over the years.

    Im with you Juana, keep this post..i so wanna hear whats Taylors management gonna say abt this..

  83. “We were also told that her employer promised to take her to the hospital, at some point. My colleagues and I were outraged!”
    Would it be different if it weren’t for the foreign colleague? If it weren’t for them (foreign colleague), will someone get their hand on this matter or even feel outrage? Somehow, we’re ashamed of ourselves because someone outside of our society saw the ‘real us’.

    Negligence of foreign/domestic workers’ welfare happens everywhere, not just at Taylor’s. Once this matter reached the Taylor’s management, people will start pointing finger and will be in the state of denial. The upper management will only take action if they think that it would affect Taylor’s financially.

  84. this is unfortunate… but part and parcel of everyday malaysia life. where everyone is desensitized by what they see on tv and prefer to turn a blind eye when tragedy hapens in rea life. shame shame shame…. but i bet it occurs everwhere across the world. 🙁

  85. I agree with Juana and feel that Jon is going through the phases of denial. Jon merely sees and reads what he wants to see and read. We need more people like Juana and the people who helped the worker. Somebody should tell her employer to rot in hell and never come back. Taylor University should not hide behind the curtain. I am a Malaysian who is very ashamed when I read article. We could have been better.

  86. Sadly, I feel that this is only qualified as a story for those who did not witness the event as there are no pictures for proof that this happened (maybe you have them but chose not to show it).

    I’m not trying to defend Taylor’s btw, just stating the obvious.

  87. This is clearly an example of how dehumanising and conceited our younger generations have become. Lucky there are still caring people out there but Taylor’s college really need to teach their student’s a thing or 2 about caring for others in the society.

  88. Well said Juana. I am very disgusted with Jon’s comment. Anything that happens within the vicinity will be Taylor’s responsibility no matter how far how wide…blah blah. This world need more Juanas than Jons….

  89. Primary liability might rest with her immediate superior (in this case her employer), and if the employer failed to discharge his duty of care, the next argument might be that the principal tenant (the foodcourt operator) bears secondary liability, e.g. for failing to provide an adequate and enforceable OHS policy to all its subsidiary tenants and employees. However, if the uni were the landlord the argument could extend the uni’s own duty of care to tenants, students and the general public without regard to any subsidiary contractual relationships (hence, e.g., general public liability insurance).

    If we applied the threefold test: the argument can be made that it is unreasonable for the uni as landlord not to foresee the need for basic emergency medical services especially in a publicly accessible space such as a foodcourt, but also on the campus generally where it acts in loco parentis to students and as an employer. Liability extends at least to the prominent display of emergency numbers for any on-campus facilities or public services especially (but not limited to) the publicly accessible parts of the campus. Any disclaimer should also be prominently displayed (although a claim might still be contestable).

    Secondly, the claimant, as an employee of a foodcourt subcontractor, has a proximate relationship to the landlord because it is in the latter’s building that she works–the landlord’s duty of care to the tenant extends to her as well. And finally it we can prove that it is reasonable that the landlord take adequate steps to mitigate possible foreseeable emergencies (e.g. by providing at least emergency numbers, or by equipping staff, students and employees with basic knowledge of the appropriate actions in cases of emergency), then it can be argued that it is fair, just and reasonable that the uni bears a duty of care to the claimant. in other words, a claim will exist.

    It might help to visualise the scope of responsibility by substituting the foodcourt employee with a) a student and b) one of the public.

  90. It is very sad to see how Taylorians are negligent and only worried about their own affairs. I am sorry for the lady too. How must she have felt in that state with everyone just staring at her and not coming towards her to help her? As a foreigner, I too sometimes feel that the general Taylors environment is not very friendly and social compared to a few other Unis i have visited. I am not saying the whole of Taylors uni, but a percentage of it is least bothered and only care about themselves. And this is what we get, a poor lady suffering with no one to help her. Thankyou to organisers and volunteers of WUPID for helping the woman. Your kindness shall take you a long way.

  91. Post

    Jon: Going by your genius, Taylor’s should from now on inform all new and existing workers/students that they are only allowed to collapse (or die) at the Health Service Centre if they want to be taken seriously.

    According to the Taylor’s University website, Recezz is very much part of the campus real estate, no matter who the University leases commercial contracts to.

    I have every right to ask “What exactly is being taught at Taylor’s University?”. The Lakeside Campus is isolated and predominantly patronised by those who study or work at Taylor’s. This incident is very telling of the “humanity” of those who were there on that day at that esteemed higher learning institution.

    I am myself a member of the Taylor’s family. When I say I am ashamed, I say it very much as a disappointed family member.

    Adriene: It is likely that the woman was a contract worker, whose situation was invisible to campus security for more than four hours.

  92. The Health Service Centre was basically useless. The staffs has no basic knowledge of first aid or so on. I can tell as i’m a former member of red crescent society. I encountered 2 times where my classmate can’t breath due to asthma attack, we called the HSC and it took very long time for them to arrive, they just walk slowly to our class with a wheel chair. I soon realized they have no sufficient knowledge, they looks don’t know what to do, and was hesitate to call the ambulance. While we’re the one who comforting my classmate and urge them to call the ambulance.

  93. its known as duty breach in contract.. and also negligence done by employer towards employee.. she should be taken to hospital as an immediate act.. but he was bz.. i wonder we replace him under the lady circumstances let him know how he feels.. even though she is a foreign worker.. she is still a human!!! he should be sued!!! and the campus management has breach their duty for not informing the foreign worker about their right in this contract!!! as a result both of them are in negligence!!!

  94. I find it ridiculous when you ask ‘What exactly is being taught at Taylor’s University?’ such an unnecessary remark. If there’s ever anything to blame, you blame it on humanity, not the management of this university. And mind you, ‘Recezz’ is a part of ‘Syopz’ the commercial block located IN Taylors. Do note that it is not under direct management of the university. Also the fact that Recezz is located at the furthest end of the campus, could’ve been a contributing factor to the management not being informed of this. I suggest you reconsider your remarks and the way you’ve shaped this post to tarnish the name of this education facility.

  95. “….the University; one that boasts state-of-the-art facilities…”

    There. That is the problem. Which such acclaimed accreditation and reputation, one never asked, does this Uni really meet its standard?


  96. Sad to see our Malaysian people don’t have sympathy heart. People around us so hard hearted. That employer should think of himself that if ONE day, same thing happen to him… How will he feel!!!

  97. Please help share this out. Twitt it, Facebook it, Whatsapp it! Whatever it takes to share to the whole world that how inhumane we can be.

  98. I guess the diffusion of responsibility is applied here.
    Its a bad phenomenon but its happening everywhere.

  99. Recezz isn’t part of Taylor’s. it’s a commercial food court, open to public from wherever. But anyways, it is sad that no one actually came to her to help.

  100. After reading the above report, I am rather appalled that no one actually informed any Head of Department including the Health Centre. A big Thank You to the organisers and volunteers of WUPID for noticing the lady’s condition and getting her medical help.

    In this age of high education, the race to compete and be successful, compassion is lost along the way!! In every kindergarten, schools, colleges and universities, compassion for another being, irrelevant of their race or status must be made compulsory in their daily curriculum. Without compassion, your intelligence, achievement and status are meaningless.

    I sincerely hope the Top Management of Taylor’s University will look into this matter seriously and with urgency!!

    G. Adams

  101. Someone should be held accountable for this sorry state of affairs. Where has the compassion for fellow human beings gone? Why do we turn a blind eye when there are ppl in need of help? Is it the “tidak apa” apathy? The employer (contractor) should be severly dealt with ? Is the worker illegal, does she have Medical coverage as enforced by Manpower Ministry? These workers are short changed in ever aspect and we depend so much on foreign workers so much.

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