Aku dan Dia

Hendak aku mencari cahaya tapi rumah aku tak berjendela.


Mayday, Mayday … #MH370

Surely this is not the occasion to practice the Malaysian kau-paham-paham-je-lah way of communicating as lives are involved.


Notes du Viet Nam (III)

I asked him about the fate of those who collaborated with the United States. He swiped his hand across his neck. I understood that gesture.


Notes du Viet Nam (II)

This trip to Vietnam was cancelled twice. But because ‘three’ is a fantastic number I made sure my third attempt materialised.


Notes du Viet Nam (I)

When she realised I really didn’t have any expectations she began to loosen up and we walked and talked as friends. That turned out to be the best six hours I’d spent with a complete stranger.


Taylor’s University, shame on us

It was even more embarrassing that he, and other guests from abroad, found out that the woman had been sitting there in the food court for about four hours without help from a single soul. Is this who we are as Malaysians?