Ahli politik, jangan buang masa kami

Sedar dan hormati bahawa bukan semua yang meluangkan masa untuk hadir dan mendengar terdiri daripada skuad tepuk tangan parti politik.


On Sabah’s beaten tracks

I may not have made it onto the classic steam engine train but I did make it all the way to the end of the line. And that 134-kilometre excursion, while it may be short compared to other rail journeys, was absolutely spellbinding.


Mayday, Mayday … #MH370

Surely this is not the occasion to practice the Malaysian kau-paham-paham-je-lah way of communicating as lives are involved.


Notes du Viet Nam (III)

I asked him about the fate of those who collaborated with the United States. He swiped his hand across his neck. I understood that gesture.


Notes du Viet Nam (II)

This trip to Vietnam was cancelled twice. But because ‘three’ is a fantastic number I made sure my third attempt materialised.


Notes du Viet Nam (I)

When she realised I really didn’t have any expectations she began to loosen up and we walked and talked as friends. That turned out to be the best six hours I’d spent with a complete stranger.