Notes du Viet Nam (I)

When she realised I really didn’t have any expectations she began to loosen up and we walked and talked as friends. That turned out to be the best six hours I’d spent with a complete stranger.


Taylor’s University, shame on us

It was even more embarrassing that he, and other guests from abroad, found out that the woman had been sitting there in the food court for about four hours without help from a single soul. Is this who we are as Malaysians?


A catastrophe closer to home

That session was a stark reminder that many members of Muslim and Christian groups in Malaysia, including their leaders, are poorly acquainted with the issue of Palestine.


Spoilt votes count too

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” or “Choose the lesser of two evils”. We have heard these too many times in conversations about politics. But are these really our only options?