Notes du Viet Nam (II)

This trip to Vietnam was cancelled twice. But because ‘three’ is a fantastic number I made sure my third attempt materialised.


Takkan wanita sempurna

Dayana mengecam “lelaki di dunia” sebagai mempunyai niat “pandangan jahat” tapi seterusnya mempertanggungjawabkan wanita untuk menutup aurat demi mempertahankan maruah diri sendiri.


A catastrophe closer to home

That session was a stark reminder that many members of Muslim and Christian groups in Malaysia, including their leaders, are poorly acquainted with the issue of Palestine.


Even if just the Dawn

I’ve been really lucky on this trip, not having to share my bubble with too many people. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the “Dawn of Happiness” so I rented a bicycle with a bell on it.

Come, Buriram Dar As-Salam

So why am I heading east, in the general direction of nowhere? One reason, and one reason only: Dar As-Salam.