Taylor’s University, shame on us

It was even more embarrassing that he, and other guests from abroad, found out that the woman had been sitting there in the food court for about four hours without help from a single soul. Is this who we are as Malaysians?


Takkan wanita sempurna

Dayana mengecam “lelaki di dunia” sebagai mempunyai niat “pandangan jahat” tapi seterusnya mempertanggungjawabkan wanita untuk menutup aurat demi mempertahankan maruah diri sendiri.


On keeping faith: Everybody hurts

I know many young Muslims out there are struggling to make sense of the immense pressures and invasion of their faith; the dumbing down of something as great as their spirituality.


Enough is enough : An appeal to Malaysians

For a long time I thought I had grown immune to political sex scandals after years of “exposés” being shoved down my throat by the media. Well, I’ve been proven wrong.


Even if just the Dawn

I’ve been really lucky on this trip, not having to share my bubble with too many people. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the “Dawn of Happiness” so I rented a bicycle with a bell on it.